About Insomniacs
<Insomníacs> Welcome! is a World of Warcraft guild on the Frostwolf server.
We are a casual progression based raid guild making headway on the server through two nights of late night raiding. After 6 nights of raiding we have cruised through the 1st ten bosses with no problems. Our current goal is to recruit a some more exceptional raiders and a raid leader to start another 10 man group. Also being able to sub in for core grouop and vice cersa. Long term we would like to see the guild have 2 ten man groups pushing challenging each group through progression.
Our current 10 man progression
Group 1
4/14 Heroic Seige of Orgrimmar

For questions that can't be answered through our forums or application process please contact one of the following:
Guild Master/Raid Lead:  Wowroflmao
Co-GM:                            Swíndle
Officers/Raid Lead:          Zwill
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